Know How To Improve The Vastu For A South-facing House?

Vastu Shastra is an important factor that weighs in the discussion for people when buying a new house for is a centuries-old ancient text that is still relevant for millions of people, especially in the Indian subcontinent, where it originally originated from.Vastu Shastra also dictates the positioning of furniture, rooms etc in a home so that the house attracts positivity and good vibes only. 

While buying a new house people consider all types of factors, land, area, money value and Vastu of the house. One of the main things people tend to look into very seriously is the direction of the house. Ideally, people chose the north east direction over anyone, and the south-facing house is often a secondary house. It is due to the centuries-old misconceptions and myths that surround that people are hesitant to buy a south-facing house.

But it is only that, a misconception, there is no problem with a south-facing house that cannot be corrected with the help of Vastu Shastra. Some of the most used and known of these misconceptions are Ill-fates, misfortunes, Illnesses, disabilities and Financial losses.

Here are some facts about Vastu for south-facing houses:

Main entrance:

As per the Vastu guidelines, the main door or entrance of a south-facing house must be placed in the centre of a south-facing wall or area. It suggested that the energies of the house align with each other. 

Entrance toward the left side of the middle point of the house is also considered good as per the Vastu for south facing house. However, home owners must always avoid having an entrance to the right side of the centre point of the wall that faces the south as it is considered not to be auspicious. This will ensure that there are no bad energies or less bad energies if any, in that area.

You should also make sure in a south-facing house as per Vastu guidelines that the main door is the largest one in the house. Also, make sure that the main door opens inside/inward the house and not outside/outward the house and in the clock wise direction, bringing welcoming vibes and most positive energies. This also helps in diverting any bad energies. Also, spiral staircases are not considered lucky in a south facing house as per Vastu so stay away from those ideas.

Bedroom direction:

The perfect place for bedrooms in a south facing house as per the Vastu is in the North and the East. A bedroom located on the north side can be considered as the master bedroom. Home owners should always try to keep the headboard of the bed in line in the South so that it can promote better sleep quality as per Vastu for south facing houses.

Apart from it, you can also note that for houses that have multiple floors, according to Vastu principles, the master bedroom must always be built on the top level. It is considered to be best to have the kids’ bedrooms and the guest bedrooms in the north-west part of the house, according to the Vastu principles for south-facing houses.

Kitchen and Bathroom directions:

it is considered to be best to have the kitchen in the south east direction if you own a south-facing house. It makes perfect the balance of the elements fire and water; and also brings in health and prosperity for its residents. If that is not possible, one should go for north west corner as per Vastu principles for a south facing home.

Also If you build the kitchen in the south-east part of the house homeowners must make sure that when cooking they must be facing towards the east direction as per Vastu for south facing is because this direction provides maximum sunlight which is very good for the house’s energy.

It is considered best to place the bathroom on the north west side of the house as per Vastu for a south facing house. Also, the underground water resource to be placed in the south side, and south-east or south-west corners are not advised at all, at the same time, it is very important to consider the location of the septic tank as well and Its suitable location is considered to be in the South of South West corner (SSW) of the house as per Vastu for a south facing house.

Colours suggestions:

Any South-facing house must have the right colour scheme inside as well as outside of the house as per Vastu principles. These principles also suggest some ideal colour palettes for such houses in the south facing direction. Browns, oranges and reds are auspicious for the front side or facing of the house, while blues and blacks should be avoided by the house owners for a south-facing house at all costs as per Vastu for a south-facing house.


You can choose a similar colour scheme for the interiors of the house to have cohesiveness in the overall energy and colour palette of the house.

These south-facing Vastu tips will help you attract the most positive energy despite the misconceptions, myths, a south-facing house can be lucky for many people if they follow the principles of the Vastu Shastra. It can lead to prosperity and financial gain and it has in the past. 

A south-facing house has many advantages to it as well,  it has More sunlight, more warmth and it has a greater monetary value. And as many Vastu experts say that all the directions are equal and come with certain limitations and advantages that one should be aware of before buying the house, so that they can make the changes as per Vastu guidelines and ensure that the positive energies can flow in the house, without any problem.

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