RERA: Know How It Is Registered.

RERA safeguards customers interests

Many developers across India follow a common practice of pre-launching a project without securing requisite approvals for the project from the local authorities, which is termed as “soft launch”, “pre-launch” etc. Buyers also lap into this opportunity as they get discounted prices during the pre-launches period. But if it is from an unscrupulous developer, then it carries a great risk. Hence, to plug this gap, registration of every project with the regulatory authority has been mandatory before it is launched for sale, and for registration, the basic pre-requisite is that the developer must have all the requisite approvals. Thus the buyer is protected as the project is ring-fenced from the vagaries of non-approvals or delays in approvals which are one of the major causes of delay for the project.

Registration of Real Estate project with Real Estate Regulatory Authority

* A promoter shall not advertise, market, book, sell or offer for sale, or invite persons to purchase in any manner any plot, apartment or building, as the case may be, in any real estate project or part of it, in any planning area, without registering the real estate project with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority established.

* The projects that are ongoing on the date of commencement of this Act and for which the completion certificate has not been issued, the promoter shall make an application to the Authority for registration of the said project within a period of three months from the date of commencement of this Act.

Application for Registration of real estate projects.

Step 1: Applicant has to file an application for registration with RERA in the prescribed form along with prescribed fees and documents.

Step 2 Application for registration must be either approved or rejected within a period of 30 days from the date of application by the RERA.

Step 3 On successful registration, the promoter of the project will be provided with a registration number, a login id, and a password for the applicant.

Following are the documents promoter shall enclose the following along with the application, namely:—

a) a brief details of his enterprise including its name, registered address, type of enterprise (proprietorship, societies, partnership, companies, competent authority), and the particulars of registration, and the names and photographs of the promoter;

(b) a brief detail of the projects launched by him, in the past five years, whether already completed or being developed, as the case may be, including the current status of the said projects, any delay in its completion, details of cases pending, details of the type of land, and payments pending;

 (c) an authenticated copy of the approvals and commencement certificate from the competent authority obtained following the laws as may be applicable for the real estate the project mentioned in the application, and where the project is proposed to be developed in phases, an authenticated copy of the approvals and commencement certificate from the competent authority for each of such phases;

 (d) the sanctioned plan, layout plan, and specifications of the proposed project or the phase thereof, and the whole project as sanctioned by the competent authority;

 (e) the plan of development works to be executed in the proposed project and the proposed facilities to be provided thereof including fire fighting facilities, drinking water facilities, emergency evacuation services, use of renewable energy;

(f) the location details of the project, with clear demarcation of land dedicated for the project along with its boundaries including the latitude and longitude of the endpoints of the project;

 (g) proforma of the allotment letter, agreement for sale, and the conveyance deed proposed to be signed with the allottees;

 (h) the number, type and the carpet area of apartments for sale in the project along with the area of the exclusive balcony or verandah areas and the exclusive open terrace areas apartment with the apartment, if any;

 (i) the number and areas of the garage for sale in the project; (j) the names and addresses of his real estate agents, if any, for the proposed project; (k) the names and addresses of the contractors, architect, structural engineer, if any, and other persons concerned with the development of the proposed project; (l) a declaration, supported by an affidavit, which shall be signed by the promoter or any person authorized by the promoter, stating:—

 (A) that he has a legal title to the land on which the development is proposed along with legally valid documents with authentication of such title, if such land is owned by another person;

 (B) that the land is free from all encumbrances, or as the case may be details of the encumbrances on such land including any rights, title, interest, or name of any party in or over such land along with details;

(C) the time period within which he undertakes to complete the project or phase thereof, as the case may be;

(D) that seventy percent. of the amounts realized for the real estate project from the allottees, from time to time, shall be deposited in a separate account to be maintained in a scheduled bank to cover the cost of construction and the land cost and shall be used only for that purpose:

* The promoter shall withdraw the amounts from the separate account, to cover the cost of the project, in proportion to the percentage of completion of the project.

* The promoter shall get his accounts audited within six months after the end of every financial year

*  The promoter shall take all the pending approvals on time

Granting of Registration by the Authority

On receipt of the application, the Authority shall grant within a period of thirty days-

 (a) grant registration subject to the provisions of the Act and the rules and regulations made thereunder. A registration number, including a Login Id and password to the applicant.

(b) reject the application for reasons to be recorded in writing, if such application does not conform to the provisions of this Act or the rules or regulations made thereunder. The application shall not be rejected unless the applicant has been given an opportunity of being heard in the matter.

If the Authority fails to grant the registration or reject the application, as the case may be, the project shall be deemed to have been registered, and the Authority shall within a period of seven days of the expiry of the said period of thirty days specified. The registration granted shall be valid for a period declared by the promoter for completion of the project or phase thereof, as the case may be.

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