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In a major initiative for budget housing, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD) Department issued a G.O., to facilitate the poor in the State to buy small plots and construct their dream home as developers can now develop 60-yard plots in layouts.

Earlier, the minimum size of plots in layout was 143 yards and this has now been reduced to 60 square yards. These new rules are applicable in all municipalities and municipal corporations in the State except for GHMC and HMDA areas.
Further, under TS-bPASS rules, for plots with an area up to 75 square yards, no building permit is required for the construction of an individual house. The applicant will have to register online to construct the house paying Rs 1 as a token fee.

These new orders will be beneficial to both buyers and developers. In the past, finding a small plot with proper dimensions was a challenge for buyers. With the new order, developers can now develop small plots to cater to the requirements of limited-budget buyers.

CREDAI Hyderabad secretary Rajashekhar Reddy pointed out that apart from owning plots at affordable prices, buyers will also get better amenities as the layouts have to be planned and developed with mandatory space for roads and social infrastructure.


  • Plots within 60 yards *
  • Area reduction from 143 yards *
  • Approach road 60 feet wide *
  • 15% plot area for mortgage *
  • Permission through TS-Bpass *
  • New rules for layouts in the state *
  • Applicable to Municipalities also*


The government has tightened the layout rules in towns and cities in the state. The municipality has wrapped up the initiative for approval through self-certification. Reduced the minimum area of ​​the plot by almost half. The minimum area was set at 60 square yards (50 square meters), with a minimum width of 20 feet. The changes were made in the wake of the enactment of the new Municipal Act, TS-BPAS Act in the state. Chief Minister has already issued the orders. Applying online is allowed through self-certification. Violators will be blacklisted. The government has increased the space allocated for the creation of social facilities in each layout by another 2.5 percent. Also stated that the approach road should be 60 feet. Environmental clearance is mandatory for layouts over an area of ​​more than 50 hectares. 15 percent of the total plot area should be mortgaged to the municipality. The government said the new layout rules would come into effect from the 5th of this month. These regulations apply to all municipal corporations and municipalities in the state except GHMC and HMDA. These will be sanctioned by a special committee headed by the Collector. Under the new rules, the plot area in layouts is less than in the past. If the area is 60 square yards (50 square meters) is enough. Previously the minimum was 143 square yards (120 square meters). Also if the minimum width of the roadside platform is 20 feet (6 meters) it is sufficient. Previously it was 10 meters.


Facilities within two years

The developer must provide all the infrastructure within two years of the initial layout approvals. In special cases, the Municipal Commissioner may extend the deadline by another year. In such a case an additional 20 percent of the basic layout permit fee has to be paid. If the infrastructure is not provided by the deadline, the commissioner will provide the infrastructure by selling the 15 percent plot of land mortgaged.

10 percent vacant space handed over to the municipality

Not less than 10 percent of the vacant space in each layout must first be handed over to the municipality for public use. 9% of this space is used for greenery. One percent of the space can be used for the fresh water tank, STP, transformer, common parking, etc. In addition, 2.5 percent of space should be allocated for the creation of social facilities. This space should be used mainly for pharmacy, clinic, school, playschool, crush, dispensary, etc. The layout developer will have the opportunity to sell this space to make use of those needs. If the layouts are more than 50 acres, space should be allocated for schools, health centers, and commercial facilities as prescribed.


Approach road 60 feet

The approach road from the layout to the main road must be exactly 60 feet (18 meters). It was 30 feet in the past. If the approach road is short then additional land should be left to widen it. If it is only 30 feet, 100% of the development charges required for the remaining road development will have to be paid as an impact fee. If the approved master plan road in the layout is 18 meters and the actual road is less than that, a road impact fee of 50% will be payable.


Permission is as follows

The layout will be approved within 21 days of application by TS-BPass. A fee of Rs.10,000 is payable with the prescribed documents at the time of application. If the documents in the application are incomplete, they will be informed within ten days. The applicant must submit them again within seven days. If all the information is correct the committee will give permission immediately. The layout fee must be paid within 30 days of giving notice. Failure to do so will result in another 30 days. To be paid with 10 percent interest. Mortgage place registration must be done within 30 days of receipt of permission. After the payment of the fee, the gift deed, mortgage deed, and layout plan submitted by the layout owner will be verified by the Municipal Commissioner and notified within three days for infrastructure and other development work.


Permission granted by the Collector Layout Committee

These layouts are approved by a committee chaired by the Additional Collector (Local Bodies) with the District Collector as Chairman. It consists of R&B, Irrigation and Panchayati Raj Superintendent Engineers, Town Planning District Officer, and District Collector Nominated Officer. The committee should consider the application within 5 days of receipt. If the area is less than 10 acres, the municipal and town planning authorities, DTCP, if it is more than ten acres, should conduct technical inspections regarding the application and submit it to the District Collector within five days.

The move will make developers focus on the affordable housing segment. Layouts with small plots and all mandatory amenities will be developed to suit a particular segment of buyers.

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