Does Occupation Certificate defines a credibility of a Company

The OC is a validation of the developer’s commitment to the safety and security of the occupants.

Before a developer hands over the keys of the apartment to a home-buyer or an office premise to the occupants, He/She is required to obtain the OC of the project from the certifying authorities.

For a builder today, it has become a badge of honour because it reflects his transparent and professional work ethics. It also proves that the developer has completed the project within the certified legal framework and thereby home-buyers can trust him. Given the increased awareness among home-buyers for many of such legal documents (of which they were earlier not very clear about), the OC thus conforms to the developers’ professional work ethics. In many cases, a project with an OC has been far easier for the developer to sell than those without one because buyers now prefer an absolutely clear property.”

To receive the OC, it is mandatory for the developer to submit a number of vital documents that include copies of the building sanction plan; commencement certificate; no-objection certificate (NOC) from the fire department, pollution control board, airport authority if the property is in the vicinity of the airport; building completion certificate; property tax receipts; area calculation sheet of floors duly signed by a commissioned architect; photographs of the building after completion of construction of the solar panels, rainwater harvesting system, sewage treatment plant on the premises, etc. 

Most importantly, a project without an OC is considered as ‘under-construction’ even if it is completed and ready to be occupied. 

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