How to apply for An Encumbrance Certificate EC online?

An encumbrance certificate is a legally issued paper or document that certifies that a property is free of all financial and legal obligations. Aside from that, it displays the property’s condition and the total number and details of its previous owners. It also contains information on previous ownership transfers and all of the property’s mortgage obligations. The encumbrance certificate cannot be obtained for properties for which the mortgage has not been completed.

  1. Choose the option to use for an EC on the official land registration website of the particular State. 
  2. At the application for encumbrance certificates window, fill in all of the needed fields, then click save/update. 
  3. After entering the search period for which you require the EC, click on ‘Calculate Fee.’ 
  4. You’ll be sent to the ‘Acknowledgement’ window after paying the necessary application charge and filing it. By selecting ‘View Acknowledgement,’ you will be able to print the acknowledgement. 
  5. An inspector from the land records department may conduct an inspection and examine all records of the stated property for a period of time. 
  6. Following the inspection, an EC will be issued that includes all transactions that occurred during the specified time period. A nil EC will be provided if there has been no transaction for the entire time.  

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