How To Apply For An Encumbrance Certificate Offline?

An encumbrance certificate is a legally issued paper or document that certifies that a property is free of all financial and legal obligations. Aside from that, it displays the property’s condition and the total number and details of its previous owners. It also contains information on previous ownership transfers and all of the property’s mortgage obligations. The encumbrance certificate cannot be obtained for properties for which the mortgage has not been completed.

Other states that do not have this facility will have to take the following steps: 

  • Visit the office of the sub-registrar where the property was registered. 
  • Fill out Form and submit it to the sub-registrar’s office with a non-judicial stamp or prescribed fees. 
  • Make sure the form includes the complete residential address, property location, property descriptions, property survey number, and the property’s exact measurements and boundaries. Include copies of pertinent documents, such as the Sale Deed, if needed. 
  • Please note that there will be a small fee for this service. 
  • If all of the processes mentioned above are completed correctly, with in couple of days the EC is handed over to the applicant. It may, however, vary based on the time period required from office to office in different states. 

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