Important Documents Required to Sell a Property?

Documents required while buying and selling a property:

Sale deed

The original sale deed is needed to seal the deal. Sale deed from all the previous owners is required at the time of selling a property. In case it is submitted at the registrar’s office, then you ought to provide the copy of the deed as well as a copy of the receipt from the sub-registrar.

Building plan

A copy of the approved building plan should also be kept handy as it helps establish that the structure is as per the legal norms.

Occupation certificate

When it comes to taking simple precautions while selling a property, you must keep the occupation certificate ready to show to the buyer. This certificate is issued by the competent authority.

Agreement for sale

This document is prepared at the time of selling a property. All the payment terms are mentioned in it. The amount at which the property is being sold as well as the time given to the buyer to clear the amount is mentioned clearly. Default penalty also finds a mention here. Agreement of sale needs to be signed by the buyer as well as the seller. It also needs to be notarised.

Encumbrance certificate

This certificate establishes that the property is free from any kind of legal dues. As a seller, you must show this to the buyer to ascertain that the deal is fair.

Other documents

Some of the other documents required while selling a property include society documents, letter of allotment, tax receipts, electricity and water bill receipts, katha extract and no objection certificate for selling property.

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