Must Know Functions And Responsibilities Of Municipalities Of Telangana.



Functions & responsibilities of municipalities
Functions & responsibilities of municipalities

The core functions covered in this chapter are service-related like water supply, sanitation, public streets, street lighting, markets.

The functions covered in this chapter are service-related like water supply, sanitation, public streets, street lighting, markets, etc. They also cover certain regulatory functions like trade licenses, control of nuisance, environmental management, and disaster management, etc.

The existing sources of potable drinking water supply in any form including tanks, water reservoirs, pipelines, wells, etc. vest in the municipality.

The municipality has to take up a water audit and make efforts to reduce non-revenue water (NRW) to its minimum.

Rationalize usage of drinking water.

Maintain complete survey maps, drawings, water pipelines, and connections along with inventory details and improvements carried out.

Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and associations managing gated communities, apartments, other residential and non-residential building complexes.

Management of dump yards is the responsibility of the municipality.

Deal with bio-medical waste.

The municipality has to handle the construction and demolition waste and identify suitable places for its disposal and processing.

The next activity relates to the provision of public convenience or restrooms.

‘Public streets’ prohibits any wall or fence or obstruction or projection or encroachment in or over any public road.

Naming to public streets, parks, playgrounds or any municipal property can be given by the Municipal Council. However, the Council has to take the approval of the Government.

The municipality has to provide, maintain and upgrade the vaikuntadamams (crematorium) or burial grounds, with modern facilities; and arrange at least one vaikuntaratham (vehicle) for transportation of the deceased, either with the municipal fund or with the assistance of others.

The municipality has to maintain public markets at various locations in the town with proper conveniences like ventilation, cleanliness, lighting, parking space, water supply, and hygiene, etc.

The municipality may designate places for use as a public slaughterhouse and charge rent and fees for these places. The municipality, in consultation with District Collector and Commissioner and Director of Municipal The administration may make efforts to modernize the existing slaughterhouses in a phased manner.

The ‘disaster management’  The municipality may, in collaboration with the Central Government or the State Government.

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