Telangana: No Farmland is allowed for registration if the area of the farm plot is less than half-acre (20 Guntas)


MA&UD Dept has ordered that prohibition of registration of farm plots if the area of the plot is less than 2000 sq mts or 20 Guntas

This order has been issued according to the Telangana municipalities Act,2019. Telangana Panchayat Raj Act,2018 through Memo No G2/257/2019. Dated 26/08/2020 of commissioner & I.G. Stamps & Registration Department.

According to Telangana Municipalities Act,2019 and the Telangana Panchayat Raj Act,2018 has a provision of safeguarding against registration of unapproved plots, subdivisions, buildings, and structures, etc.

As per the above provisions in the Act, the IG Stamps and Registration have issued orders prohibiting of registration of plots in the authorized layouts. This measure has given desired results to curb unauthorized layouts.

In the recent past, it has come to the notice of the Government that some landowners /layout developers are still rampantly continuing with the development of unauthorized layouts in the name of farm layouts and executing the register sale deed as farm plot of 2 / 3 Guntas which needs to be curtailed.

Hence IG Registrations is requested to issue necessary instructions to all registering authorities not to allow registrations of Farm plots is less than 2000 sq Mts (20 Guntas) and insist on approved layout copy if the farm plots abut to a new road

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