Want To Sell Your Property Quickly?

If you’re looking to sell your home — and get the highest possible price for it — staging the property can help.

Anyone want to sell their property like house or flat then one must prepare to stage their home as it will fetch a good price.

Know more about what is home staging?

Staging emphasises the home’s best features and makes the space within one’s home look fresh and presentable for sale. It can be done with quick, minimal changes in furnishings, accessories and lighting.  Making subtle changes to the decor and the usage of space within the home can change the stagnant energy of the space to a more positive, inviting one, and also enhance the overall ‘look and feel’ of an apartment. 

Besides, there are multiple benefits to home staging. “Potential buyers can visualise themselves living in the home if it is staged and furnished well. A home that has been staged will also look more ‘move-in-ready’. Consequently, staged homes usually sell faster. 

First impressions matter the most

The aim is to make the property as appealing as possible to most potential buyers. “Therefore, first de-clutter the space because there are two major problems with clutter; it distracts buyers from noticing the home’s features and second it makes the house look small. Next, you can do a super quick fix on walls. It is unlikely that a potential buyer will like your choice of wallpaper. So it’s best to tear it down and paint the walls with a neutral colour palette instead. Make sure that each room has a single, defined purpose like study, entertainment room, game room, etc. And even if the buyer doesn’t want to use the room for the same purpose, the important thing is for them to see that every inch of the house is a usable space. This includes window sitting space, corners and nooks and more.

For a quicker sale, experts suggest focusing on rooms that will have the biggest impact on buyers, such as the living room and kitchen.

Get rid of unwanted or damaged furniture. Dark rooms have a depressing effect. Make the house as bright as possible by letting in as much natural light as possible. Besides, you can also transform an unwanted corner into an office alcove or create a cozy space. Simply choose a bright corner of any room; opt for a colourful cotton rug, a few pillows, and complete the look with fairy lights. And don’t forget, today most people search for a house online, and a bad picture can be detrimental to sale. So, ensure your home looks more eye-catching when shared on home-shopping portals.

Must Do’s for a good first impression.

  • Deep cleaning: It can make a space look its best and it comes at hardly any expense;
  • Eliminate bad odours: Use simple humidifiers and room fresheners. A little indoor plantation can make the space look neat and feel fresh;
  • The easiest and the most affordable way to add aesthetics to your home is by adding plants — be it hanging plants, big indoor plants, faux plants, plant frames, or succulents;
  • De-personalise: Reduce personal items by at least 1/3rd and try to increase natural light by adding sheer curtains wherever possible;
  • Add a big piece of canvas art on your wall, a big fancy vase in a corner, a quirky piece of furniture such as a bar unit or an accent chair. Pick anything that makes a statement to immediately give your home a rich and classy feel;
  • With a recurring theme throughout the house (modern, ethnic, contemporary), you can set up the appropriate focal points and rearrange the layout as needed. Also, patch and repair as needed. Adding the right amount of light helps to highlight the space’s beauty;
  • Don’t aim for too much vibrancy; not everyone likes it. Also, don’t replace the quality items with cheap alternatives;
  • Use simple home décor items such as throw pillows, candles, vases, etc to pull together the entire room.

Experts suggest not burdening oneself with expensive makeovers.

The old rusting watering cans can be planted with various flowering plants and can be placed on the steps leading to the doorway. Use different types of mirrors for creating depth in the house. After all, a mirror not only adds style to a space, but its reflective quality can also open up a room, making it brighter and seem less cramped. You can also use long size tiles on the floor to make the room spacious. Lastly, make sure that you repair leaky faucets, cracked windows, and broken tiles before putting your house on sale.

Do you feel Is home staging worth it?

In today’s day and age, home staging is an absolute necessity, believe experts. When compared to bare shell homes, at least 60 per cent of property dealers and resellers say staging makes it easier for prospective buyers to visualise the property as a future home. It requires little effort, but significantly increases the value of the property. Remember, potential buyers are looking for more than just a place to live; they want to realise their dreams and improve their quality of life. Staging can influence the buyer to make a more emotional purchase, resulting in more money for the seller.

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