What Is Carpet Area, Built Up Area, Super Built Up Area.

Before buying a home the one have to know the jargon of the area defined by a builder, Carpet area, Built-up area, Super built-up area and RERA Carpet area.

The carpet area, as the name suggests, in its simplest form is the area in the house where you can lay wall to wall carpet. That is the entire floor of the house. “Just take the floor area of all the rooms, the kitchen, living area and the bathrooms and exclude the thickness of all walls and utility ducts. Ideally, you should ask the developer for the carpet area and make the dealings based on this. The fact that you can measure this area easily allows you to verify if you are getting the square footage promised. 

The Built-up area, is measured from the external perimeter wall surfaces, includes the carpet area and the wall thickness (both, internal and external), and contains other apartment areas such as the dry balcony, terrace, flower beds, etc.

The Super built-up, involves everything that built-up includes and additionally also includes the common area outside the house as well. 

These methods of calculating the area of the house have enough ambiguity, which can misguide a homebuyer. So Before buying one have measure the carpet are wherein we live in the area which is open to us to live in that particular space. If we not knowingly calculate built-up area to be carpet area in this case we will not get what we are expecting and we end up in small House or Flat. 

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