Want to check DTCP approved status online in Telangana?


DTCP Directorate of town and country planning /Municipal administration and urban development department is the govt gateway wherein you can find the DTCP approvals, LP numbers, Approval status, Building plans, etc. 
DTCP Telangana
                               DTCP Telangana

Below is the process to find the status DTCP approval status and all the necessary information of plannings.

Click the link to get to the gateway http://dpms.dtcp.telangana.gov.in/

Visit the Official Website of DPMS Telangana i.e. http://dpms.dtcp.telangana.gov.in/. Step 4- After this, a new page will be displayed on the screen for login. Step 8- Select “find the status of file” and the status will display on the screen.

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