TS-bPASS: 5 Points Everyone Should Know About TS-bPASS.

TS bPASS  Telangana  State Building Permission approval and Self-certification system


Registration for plot size up to 75 sq yards and construction of G+1 for residential that are exempted from building permissions Approval.

The government of Telangana has enacted a new Municipalities Act “Telangana Municipalities Act 2019” to improve compliance with laws by citizens, increase accountability among officials, eliminate corrupt practices with an overall aim of delivering effective services to people living in urban areas of the State by consolidating and providing for the constitution of Municipalities in accordance with part IX-A of the Indian Constitution. This act also undertakes random audits and any citizen or official deviating from the rules will be penalized.

The government of Telangana in tune with the Telangana Municipalities Act, 2019 has launched/introduced TS-bPASS, a single integrated platform for processing of various permissions required during the development of land and construction of buildings through a self-certification system. It is also designed to provide the services within stipulated timelines.


Section 174 refers to the approval of building permissions. The approval of building permissions is subject to the provisions made by the Government in the matter. The government may exempt certain buildings from taking building permissions under this section.

·         For plot size up to 75 square yards and the construction of ground or ground plus one floor (Residential) no building permission and occupancy certificate are required. The applicant is required to register with a token of Rs.1.

·         For plot size up to 500 square meters and height up to 10 meters (Residential) instant building permission approval through online self-certification.

·         For plot size above 500 square meters and height above 10 meters (Residential & Non-Residential), there is a single-window system for obtaining multiple NOCs using Common Application Form and approval through online self-certification.

·         Processing tentative layout approval applications through online self-certification.

·         Processing of Occupancy certificate for non-high-rise buildings constructed in plots above 200 square meters and less than 500 square meters & for high-rise buildings and buildings constructed in plots 500 square meters through online self-certification.

·         Processing of Land use certificates and Land conversion certificates.

·         Post verification of the permissions issued.

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