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Dharani is a Telangana Government (TS) Integrated Land Records Management Portal.

The official website of Maa Bhoomi Telangana offers a clear portal for residents of the state to access information about the land records in all the municipalities. In addition, Dharani provides state residents with a number of revenue and registration facilities. 

The government of Telangana under the leadership of  Chief  Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao is committed to making revenue administration transparent, citizen-friendly, and discretion-free.

Dharani portal launched on 29/10/2020 is a simple user-friendly web portal. It offers a one-stop solution for registrations and mutations of agricultural lands.

The link provided to get the services of DHARANI https://dharani.telangana.gov.in/homePage?lang=en


                                 Dharani offers the following services

·  Slot booking for Sale, Gift, Mortgage, Partition, Lease & Succession.

·  Automatic calculation and online advance payment of duties and fees.

·  Once the slot is booked successfully, no queries asked.

·  Registration accompanied with an instantaneous mutation in revenue records.

  Slot Rescheduling, Cancellation, and claim for refund allowed.

·  Registration of GPAs namely Development agreement cum GPA (DGPA), General power of attorney (GPA), Agreement of sale cum GPA (AGPA).

·  Pending mutations by Individuals/Institutions for Registrations done prior to Dharani but mutation not done cases.     

·  NALA conversion Module with advance online payment for conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural purposes.

·  Bankers Module for creation and closing of loan charges on agricultural lands by the Bankers.

·  Court Cases Module for intimation of court order/stay/injunction in respect of properties in Dharani by parties.

·  NRI Portal to facilitate NRIs to get Pattadar Passbooks for their lands by uploading details of passport/overseas citizenship details.

 ·  Application for Pattadar Passbooks for agricultural lands located in semi-urban areas.  

·  Application for duplicate Pattadar Passbook.

·  Application for grievances relating to the inclusion of lands in the Prohibited  Properties list.


                           SERVICES THROUGH MESEVA CENTRES

·  Application for Pattadar Passbooks by Institutions like companies/Firms/ Societies /Trusts.

· Application for Pattadar Passbooks where Aadhaar is not needed.

·  Grievance module for correction of following issues in PattadarPassbooks:

 o Aadhaar

 o Caste

 o Gender

o Land ownership mode

 o Land nature

o Land classification

o Photo

 o Father’s/ Husband’s Name

·  Grievance module also covers issues related to Digitally unsigned PPB o Missing Survey Nos

                          GENERAL INFORMATION


·Track the status of applications on the “eChallan/Application status” option in Dharani.

  ·Progress on disposal of applications is informed through SMS on registered mobile number.

· ePPB is issued instantly at the time of transaction and a link is sent to a registered mobile number of the applicant.

  ·Applications are received only through Dharani or Meeseva center, as the case may be.


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