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In the G.O., 111 orders were issued prohibiting various developments within a 10 km radius of HIMAYATSAGAR and OSMANSAR  lake areas which are the main sources of drinking water supply as per the recommendation of the Expert Committee constituted by Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board to suggest ways and means to monitor the quality of water in these reservoirs.


Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has furnished a second interim report of the committee prepared after detailed discussions and field visits to Osman Sagar pipelines, making certain recommendations for the protection of the lakes.


The government after careful examination of the recommendations of the Committee has decided to issue the following orders in modification of the earlier orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.192, M.A., dated 31.3.1994.

1)      To prohibit polluting industries, major hotels, residential colonies, or other establishments that generate pollution, in the catchment of the lakes up to 10 km from full tank level of the lakes

However, residential developments in the residential use zone may be permitted. The following measures shall be taken to protect water flowing into the lakes.

 (a) 60% of the total area shall be kept as open space and roads in all layouts in the villages of the catchment area.

 (b) The land use of about 90% of the area is classified as recreational and conservation use in the Master Plan. The Hyderabad Urban Development Authority should take action for the classification of this 90% of the area as agriculture which is inclusive of horticulture and floriculture.

 (c) To restrict the F.S.I to 1:0.5 in the catchment area. This measure will ensure that 90% of the area remains under agriculture as is the practice now and ensure the protection of the lakes.

 (d) To monitor periodically the level of different pesticides, fertilizer residues carried into the lakes. The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board shall conduct such studies through J.N.T.U/ Central University or any other reputed agency at regular intervals and review the results once in 6 months.

 (e) To prohibit polluting industries within a 10 km radius (i.e. both on the upstream and downstream side of the lakes) to prevent acidification of lakes due to air pollution.

(f) There shall be the total prohibition of the location of industries in the prohibited zone.

 (g) Telangana Pollution Control Board shall make further study of the existing industries in the upstream and downstream of the lakes and take action under their Act.

(2)   For the protection of raw water channel from Osmansagar to Asifnagar no layout or building permission should be granted by the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad / Hyderabad Urban Development Authority / Director of Town and Country Planning up to a maximum of 100 ft from the conduit site boundary. While approving the layouts along the conduit, a minimum of 9 meters wide road plus green belt to a maximum width of 100ft should be insisted to act as a buffer on either side of conduit and the green belt shall be accounted as part of mandatory open space to be left the layout. Drainage pipelines must be laid parallel to the conduit and no sewerage/sullage water discharged shall be allowed from the layouts towards the conduit.


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