Types of Land Records In India?


Setwar or Shethwar, Sethwar This record is called Sethwar in the Telangana area and RSR (Resurvey Settlement Register) record in AP. This Setwar register/pahani are the records which have an important survey land records register, which has a complete record of boundary or boundaries of the land in the revenue records, it is prepared from land survey and settlement process which consist of all the details like survey numbers, Government or Inam land category, Name of the Pattedar, total area, pote-kharab area, balance area “Dar” and the Assessment. In the case of wetlands, it will give the details of a single crop or double-crop, details of irrigational sources, etc.

The main objective of the department is the maintenance of village revenue records and, updating and protection of revenue records in addition to the collection and preserving the oldest records.

Sethwar Records will be prepared after Survey and Settlement – these records will be considered as standard and important revenue records and these are considered as base records when the issue needs to be addressed or settled. 


Khasra Pahani:

Pahani prepared for the year 1954-55 is called Khasra or Kasra pahani which is a land survey record that is done by the revenue department to settle or resettle to whom it belongs. It defines the land record of private land, government land, inam land, etc by doing extensive geo-mapping and physical land survey to give proper survey number and map for the land which gives very less scope of disputes. It also clarifies to whom the land belongs with proper details. This record is used as a reference for solving many civil cases in courts. This standard record reduces the risk of dispute.

Sessala Pahani:

Seesala pahani is a standard record of lands that are mapped and tagged with village maps with survey numbers and their extensions, boundaries. Pahani prepared for the years 1955-56, 1956-57, 1957-58 are called Sessala Pahanis. 

I-B or ROR 1-B Record:

Record of Right (ROR 1B) is a revenue record, specifying details of land ownership including the name of the owner, nature of the land, Patta or khata number, the extent of land holdings, classification land, and irrigation source for the land.

This 1B record is prepared from the year 1990 as per ROR Acts.

Pahani or Adangal :

A Pahani / Adangal or Grama lekka-3 record is an important legal document related to land. This Pahani is issued by Tahsildar. Pahani document is one of the most important revenue records for agricultural lands maintained by the revenue department.

The pahani can be procured from Mee Seva or E Seva by paying the fees through revenue department clearances.

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